Indium Housing for all

Indium's Housing for All  Mission

We believe that owning a home of one’s own is essential to living a secure and dignified life. We further believe that this is a fundamental right that should extend to all sections of society and all levels of its economic pyramid. 

“Shelter poverty”

In a welfare state, the responsibility of ensuring that everyone has the comfort of a roof over his or her head would rest with the government in power. Every elected government has expressed its vision to create a more equitable India in which all citizens have access to basic civic infrastructure, social amenities and decent shelter. But this is not an ideal world and very few governments have been able to realise this objective. According to the Ministry of Housing & Urban Poverty Alleviation (MHUPA), the current housing deficit in India stands at nearly 19 million units. Unless meaningfully addressed, it is predicted to double to 38 million units by 2030. Estimates indicate that 95% of this deficit affects the EWS (Economically Weaker Sections) and LIG (Low Income Group) segments. The disparity between demand and supply is staggering. There are no simple solutions. 


The Goal: Self-sustaining Communities

Indium's Housing for All mission recognises that addressing this challenge effectively involves understanding several issues, amongst which are: the function of housing, factors that decide housing choices amongst the lower economic segment and how housing can positively impact livelihoods and community life.  A holistic perspective will enable us to create lively, self-sustaining communities, rather than mere housing projects.


Pilot initiative in Bengaluru

We will launch our Housing for All initiative in Bengaluru. Our plans have been evolving over the last few months and are moving from drawing board to reality at our project site.