• Over the last thirty years, Indium Group has established its presence in domains that include land aggregation and development, project management, architecture and design, and granite mining. In more recent times, we have extended our focus to social and infrastructural needs essential to the development of urban India: social housing, power generation and waste management.

  • Our philosophy: Building harmony
    We believe that the way forward is to invest in concepts like sustainability and equitability with meaningful, informed and holistic solutions. Our objective is to bridge the gap between ideas and reality by creating organisations, systems and processes that are ecologically sound, environmentally friendly and future wise.

  • Indiumís presence and people
    Indium Group is headquartered in Bangalore and currently operates across several South Indian cities. Our multi-domain activities are managed by professionals who share a similar vision and bring insight and experience to their areas of operation.

  • Vision
    To build harmony by blending the resources of nature in a sensitive manner and creating sustainable habitats.


    To deliver sustainable habitats by collaborating with eco-conscious professionals, integrating green technology and promoting aesthetics in design and development.

    To achieve inclusive development by providing habitats for the lower segments of our society.

    To complement the above with social initiatives in the field of primary education, health and culture.

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